Emma Filippides

I am an independent architectural researcher living and working in Ghent, Belgium.

With a background in conceptual design and architectural history, I have worked on the delivery of publications, events and exhibitions within urban research organisations and have partnered with architectural and curatorial offices on a variety of practice-based projects.



Short Stories

The Short Stories research programme, developed for NU architectuuratelier, opens up the opportunity for critical research projects of collective interest to take place within the context of the architecture office.

Our process of designing the programme invited discussion, written and visual contributions from members of the office through a series of interviews and creative briefs.

As external collaborators, we incubate individual research projects proposed by the office’s collaborators with the aim of deepening and supporting research objectives. Independently we also contribute to this growing knowledge base by producing critical research dossiers on topics of specific interest to the office.

Work developed with architect Ben Rea as part of an ongoing collaboration with NU architectuuratelier, Ghent.

Research, workshops, graphic design, project management

Responses to the brief ‘An Invitation to Make’, by NU architectuuratelier collaborators