Emma Filippides

I am an independent architectural researcher living and working in Ghent, Belgium.

With a background in conceptual design and architectural history, I have worked on the delivery of publications, events and exhibitions within urban research organisations and have partnered with architectural and curatorial offices on a variety of practice-based projects.



Rotterdam Ripresa

Editor and project manager for upcoming publication, Rotterdam Ripresa. 

A group of 6o architecture offices from across Europe and further afield have been invited to reflect upon the incidental urban conditions which result from the strongly developer-led statements driving city growth today. As a testing ground we turn to Rotterdam (NL), a city where renaissance city palaces, high-tech residential towers, formal office blocks and cheap market halls converge as a kaleidoscopic collection of objects.

For Rotterdam Ripresa, the participating offices have been presented with a view of a fragmented Rotterdam site. Each view is developed by five offices, producing iterative layers of modification. The result is a multiauthored ‘cadavre exquis’ that could almost be considered authorless. In the outcome of the publication, proposed modifications are rendered in layered patches, overlaying the image of the contemporary condition. A short text and cabinet oblique drawing complement each office’s intervention.

A publication project by Jantje Engels and Marius Grootveld of Veldwerk Architecten. Due to be published Summer 2021.

Editing, project management, writing