Emma Filippides

I am an independent architectural researcher living and working in Ghent, Belgium.

With a background in conceptual design and architectural history, I have worked on the delivery of publications, events and exhibitions within urban research organisations and have partnered with architectural and curatorial offices on a variety of practice-based projects.



Put-Away Street

In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, we have experienced the city folding in on itself. For many, especially those without private outdoor space, the doorstep of the home has become an important social space, allowing residents to safely engage in fragments of public life.

Put-away Street is a design response to our reflections on the typology of the Flemish beluik. The beluik is a naturally insertive element into an existing condition, often situated within the core of an urban block. The common yard at the centre of a beluik functions as an urban room, from which the ‘theatre’ of inhabitation can be observed and social interactions enjoyed.

Our response is a series of interventions which externalise the doorstep from the home, making use of underutilised parts of the city and allowing them to be reappropriated as work spaces, play spaces, ateliers, greenhouses or social spaces. In the spirit of the beluik, we reappropriate existing garage sites into ‘tuinkamers’ (garden rooms). Tucked away inside city blocks, these interventions are designed as much needed social spaces for neighbouring residents. The result is a flexible, shared urban room which offers much more to its residents than it takes away.

Collaborative project with architect Ben Rea. The project has been published online as part of the Desired Spaces open call run by Vlaams Architectuur instituut, CIVA, and Institut Culturel d’Archiecture Wallonie Bruxelles.

Design, research, writing