Emma Filippides

I am an independent architectural researcher living and working in Ghent, Belgium.

With a background in conceptual design and architectural history, I have worked on the delivery of publications, events and exhibitions within urban research organisations and have partnered with architectural and curatorial offices on a variety of practice-based projects.




I work at a meeting point between architectural research, practice and discourse, currently collaborating with architecture offices in Belgium on the development of curatorial and research projects.

With my interest in architecture originating from the inhabited experience, my work often deals with material culture as a means to interrogate domesticity, social relations and economic conditions.

My work will typically take the final form of a printed publication, an exhibition, or the development of a series of talks, tours, interviews or workshops. To these ends I offer my expertise in editing, graphic design, project management and the development and facilitation of bespoke research projects.

Current collaborations:
Veldwerk architecten (Ghent, BE)
NU architectuuratelier (Ghent, BE)